Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Letter to My Parents

     My mother and father are two of the most unselfish people I know. Maybe they weren’t reared Baptist or reared in perfect homes but they were reared in what counts as a Christian: to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
     I remember Dad taking on a second job so I could get treatment for the cancer that was eating my body.
     I remember the little sums of money Mom handed me when college costs had me behind some months.
     I remember Dad sitting in a theater watching my plays when he really wasn’t that into the arts.
     I remember Mom re-scheduling her personal life to take me to doctor’s appointments and to take my brothers to activities of all sorts.
     I remember Mom and Dad working hard so my siblings and I could have a Christian education, an education that would benefit us if we were to ever forget the love of Christ.
     I remember Mom and Dad supporting endeavors and dreams I had as I told them how I felt God wanted me to do so.
     I remember Mom and Dad praying for my brothers and I and Mom and Dad giving to us so that we would be successful in this life.
     As I write these things, I look down at a beautiful ring adorning my finger. It has an emerald in the middle for the month of my birth. Right now my mother is cleaning the jewelry shop of the man who designed this ring. She has been doing this for the last few months to make payments on this piece of jewelry. This act makes me feel amazed that my mother and father would love me enough to sacrifice for this gift of beauty. This act makes my heart fathom how Jesus Christ, who loves me more than they, could forsake Heaven to live on earth only to be crucified on a brutal Roman cross so that I might put on the garment of salvation and live with Him in Heaven someday. But not only this great gift…Jesus Christ is alive and sitting at His Father’s right hand making intercession for me because I still do those things which are displeasing to God the Father. Jesus is using His Holy Spirit to keep working on me!
Thank you Dad and Mom for giving me what matters most…not this physical ring on my finger, but the reminder of the love of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas Dad and Mom!

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