Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A little poetry...

Daydreams from my Doll Cabinet

You probably won’t believe me,
My parents never did….
I even told my best friend, Linda,
And she thought it was a fib!

You see, I was sleeping in my bed one morn,
And I suddenly awoke…
When to my great amazement,
One of my doll’s spoke!

The doll that had begun to speak gave me quite a shock,
Her eyes began to move both ways and her legs began to walk!
She climbed out of my cabinet case and walked right to my bed.
My doll began to grow life size and looked human instead.

Suddenly, with a whish and a vroom,
My doll took my hand and we flew out of the room!
We flew back behind my house to a forested place,
 Where a little girl was getting ready to give chase

To a little boy who held a doll over his head, shouting,
“You can’t catch me!” I will win this race!
“Stop!” I tried to scream but the little boy only continued to yell,
As he jumped over a puddle and instead of landed, fell.

I reached my hand back over to pull my live doll along
But when my fingers touched the air I realized she was gone!
I followed the little girl to the little boy’s side,
And watched with great surprise,

As the doll she lifted from the mud
Was just my dolls original size!
Then I looked at the little girl
And smiled knowingly

I guess I should know better when I decide to dream.

Collection of Seasons
Swirl, flurry, white
Covers all the earth
Cinnamon, sweet, warm
Houses filled with cheer
Slick, hard, cold
The frozen earth sleeps

No longer dead.
Sweetness in the air.
Tiny, green buds.
Moldy, dead leaves-swept away.
New life, new love.
Fresh, new start.

Sticky, wet, clear
Floating in the air
Tye dye, sparkle, splash
Landed in my lap.
Giggle, chuckle, laugh
Summer is here at last.

Crunch, crisp, brisk
Wind whips my hair
Red, yellow, orange
Leaves fill my yard
Erasers, pencils, books
School has commenced.

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