Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is also National Poetry Month

so.....to combine the two I have some poetry to share with you!

My Walk on the Shore (2001)

As I walk down on the beach,
Water gently splashes on my feet.
I see a glimmer in the distance,
then stop and wonder for an instant.

As I bend to pick it up,
‘Tis a lovely, beautiful shell.

I press it firmly to my ear,
and instead of ocean
what do I hear?

I hear
anger, pain, and sounds like fear.
I ask the Lord, Why?
Why does the world hate each other?
Why can't we simply love one another?

God answers gently and sadly too,
He says, I sent my Son to show them love,
they simply refuse and choose to abuse.

Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic
c-a-t spells cat

trace big “A” trace little “a”

which one is different?

add one and one

Sit on my lap
Let me help you
Don’t tell anyone, not even your parents
Put your mouth where I say

“A” is for abuse never apples

me. I’m the one that’s different.

add silence and fear

No one will ever know a five year
old learned biology in Kindergarten.

Survival Guide to Kindergarten 1992

Never make promises
that cannot be shared with your mom and dad.
Don’t answer “yes” to the question,
“Do you need help?”
When someone asks you to do something,
anything to them,
walk away.
You don’t need to place your tiny body under anyone’s control.

Let your mom know about the whats that happen to you
during your day,
especially when with the babysitter because
he presses his face to your head
and blows down your shirt every time you play
with your brother’s G.I. Joes.

And if you end up staying silent,
none of these instructions heeded
because of fear or confusion,
you will grow up someday with these events
turned into memories in your mind.
Tell someone then, the whats that happened
during that year.
Tell anyone and everyone who will listen
and you will be free from your Kindergarten coffin.

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