Monday, July 22, 2013

A Christmas Memory for July

A Very Special Christmas

     Fourteen years ago, my family and I had the unique privilege of spending Christmas inside the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota. I had been diagnosed with a critical cancer called B-Cell Lymphoma and was given only three months to three years to live. Christmas during this time was special to me because it was the first time I remember having my eldest brother (then ten years old) tell me “I love you”.

     The hospital let my family stay at the Ronald McDonald Children’s House. The “RMCD House”, as it was called, provides a place for families to stay who have a loved one going through extensive treatment. On Christmas day, the RMCD House left a huge red sack full of Christmas presents for my brothers. Not only was that sack there but another sack was left for my family anonymously. Inside we found a play station and a CD player. The gifts were awesome reminders that people were thinking about our family on Christmas. What meant more to me that season, however, was hearing my brother Evan tell me he loved me.

     Many dear people came to see me and many people I did not know wrote letters and prayed for me. Whenever I think about my time with cancer, I am overwhelmed how good God really is, The kindness, hope, strength, and love I saw in people showed me Jesus was with me and He was holding my hand. The wonder of Christ’s birthday is how much Jesus loves me and the wonder of my twelfth Christmas was hearing and knowing my brother’s love for me.
Cancer Equals Love
I was lying in a hospital bed
dying from a lump with the name B Cell Lymphoma
when my mother, father and brother
came into the room to hold my hand.
The silence in the room was killing
us all softly when my dad and mom
whispered, "I love you".
I looked at my brother who couldn't seem
to speak.
The cancer had reached inside him and began
to hurt him too.
My dad nudged my brother to tell your sister
I love you
and I heard him. I heard him say
"I love you".

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