Saturday, March 8, 2014


In my daily devotional, I found a wonderful description of what being a friend is all about:

What's a good friend for?
Propping open hearts and airing moldy moods.
Lighting up dark hallways through sad and lonely memories.
Hanging high aspirations and replanting hope.
Hauling heavy worries and pulling stumps of anger.
Shading tender shoots of joy that venture upward through the muck.
Grounding flighty passions during electrical storms of temptation.
Shielding fragile egos from the harsh winds of criticism.
Mending broken dreams and sharing golden moments.
A good friend is a friend for good.

Who needs a friend anyway?
Only those who need someone to laugh with.
Only those who need someone to listen,
someone to love,
someone to care.
Only those who need someone.
Only those who need.
Only all of us.

-Ann Luna

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